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2015, 2014
Tribeca- discontinued

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January 2015
Subaru News, Reviews and Articles, Updates, Events, Comments
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> Finance Rate webpageJanuary 6 - February 2, 2015
> for the NW Seattle area only
> financing is through Subaru/Chase with no prepayment penalty, no loan fees, no buy down fees, on approval of credit.

changes for January
2014 Hybrid rates updated Jan 21, through Feb 2.  0% to 60 now to 72  months. With gas prices near $2.00 gallon, hybrid sales are slow

2015 Legacy gets lower leases payments
2015 Impreza gets lower lease payments, especially sedans
2015 Crosstrek gets 1.49%x48, 1.90%x60-72 mos, and leases are now available
2015 Impreza gets 1.49%x48, 1.90%x60-72 mos, and leases are now available

Dealers are motivated to move...
2014 Crosstrek Hybrids
2015 Legacy, especially leases

2015 Impreza, especially leases

2015 Finance rates

Crosstrek 1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
new Impreza 1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
Outback 1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
Legacy 1.49% x 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% x 60-63-72 months
WRX, STI 2.90% x24-36-48-60-63 months
Forester .90% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% x60-63-72 months
BRZ 1.49% 24-36-48mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
2014 Finance rates

January is supposed to be the final month for 2014 rates

Crosstrek 1.49% x 24-36-48, 1.90% x 60-63-72 mos
new Crosstrek Hybrid  0% x 24-60-63 mos, 1.90% x72 mos. With gas prices so low, the Hybrid is struggling
BRZ  (few if any are left) 0.9% now 24-72 months
the following 2014 models are sold out: Impreza, Forester, Outback, Legacy, WRX, STI, Tribeca

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1/22 2015 Crosstrek brochures now available
20 pages, full color

1/21 2014 Crosstrek Hybrid 0% interest rate extended to 72  months, oac.
With gas prices near $2.00 gallon, hybrid sales are slow

1/15 2015 WRX Sport Accessory Package code IZG currently not available on new orders.
It will be available again late March. The package, code IZG, includes STI brand black alloy wheels, short shifter, performance exhaust, and the leather/aluminum shift knob. MSRP is $3403

1/9 Subaru plans to update their Starlink app in some coming 2016 models.

Details, including models, pricing, and specific functions, to be announced.
Current 2015 Outback, Legacy, Impreza and Crosstrek models - except 2015 Forester and BRZ, and hopefully they will get the upgrades soon - have updated audio/infotainment systems with generous 6.2" to 7" LCD screens, and already include Subaru's Starlink news, weather, and music Android and iPhone smartphone app.
Subaru has announced plans for an expansion of the Starlink app to include AT&T connectivity and "stolen vehicle recovery, automatic collision notification, remote vehicle services such as lock/unlock via a smartphone device and monthly vehicle health reports". 
2015 Subarus (except most Foresters, BRZs) already include SiriusXM radio and other features such as weather, stock market, and sports reports and a gas station finder.  Late in 2014, SiriusXM purchased Agero's connected vehicle services business which will now provide services for Subaru.
Here's the press release from 1/5 "Subaru of America, Inc. today announced agreements with Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc., a unit of Sirius XM, and AT&T to provide enhancements to its Subaru Starlink in-vehicle connectivity system. The enhancements will deliver improved personal safety and security services to vehicle occupants via 4G LTE wireless connectivity.
Starlink is the Subaru in-vehicle platform that provides hands-free connectivity, entertainment and safety services to vehicle occupants. Starlink, soon coming with built-in AT&T 4G LTE capability, will deliver features provided by Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services including stolen vehicle recovery, automatic collision notification, remote vehicle services such as lock/unlock via a smartphone device and monthly vehicle health reports. STARLINK will be available in select 2016 model year Subaru vehicles starting later this year.
"Working with trusted, industry leaders such as Sirius XM and AT&T to enhance the Subaru STARLINK in-vehicle connectivity system is a natural fit for Subaru," said Alan Bethke, vice president of marketing, Subaru of America, Inc. "Sirius XM and AT&T will enable us to provide customers with additional peace of mind through new safety and security services, as well as enhanced connectivity."

1/7/15 Crosstrek Premium CVT Special Edition model, package #15, details announced.
Only 1000 will be made. Package #15 MSRP price $1995. All are Sunrise Yellow with black cloth. Available starting March 2015, orders probably starting February.
Includes keyless access/pushbutton start, moonroof, 7" LCD audio upgrade, leather steering wheel and shift handle, turn signal mirrors.
Premium CVT with Package #15 total  MSRP $26,140 including destination

2015 Crosstrek webpage

1/6/15 January rates announced, Jan 6- Feb 2

2015 Legacy gets lower lease payments
2015 Impreza gets lower lease payments, especially sedans
2015 Crosstrek and Impreza get 1.49% x48, 190%x60-72 mos
2014 Hybrid gets 0%- with gas prices so low, the Hybrid needs help

1/5/15  December sales total 49,923
The Outback and Legacy continue to be in tight supply, especially Limited and Eyesight models.
The 2015 Crosstrek and Impreza are now arriving, and with their improved ride (finally),  upgraded audio systems (finally), and standard rear view camera (and finally), sales should increase sharply over 2014 models.
Forester continues to be Subaru's top seller, and will (hopefully) benefit from an 2016 model later this winter/spring with an upgraded audio.
December 2014 sales by model
Outback 14,772, up 24% over 30172 12/13
Forester 15,163, up 15% over 13229 12/13
Legacy 5457, up 86% over 2939 12/13
Crosstrek 5482, down 1% from 5525 12/13
Impreza 5808, up 17% over 4949 12/13
WRX, STI 2816, up 68% over 1680 12/13
BRZ 416, down 41% from 705 12/13
Tribeca 9, down 94% from 143 12/14
2014 total sales 513,693 which is a new record, and up 21% over 424,683 2013 total.
Subaru's total U.S market is now 3.1%. It was 1.4% in 2008.
December 2014 was the 37th consecutive month of growth and the 2014 year was the 7th consecutive year of growth
Subarus goal for 2015 is a very conservative 540,000 cars.
Total 2014 US Subaru sales by model
Outback  138,790 in 2014, up 18% over 118,049 2013
Forester 159,953 in 2014, up 29% over 123,592 2013
Legacy 52,270 in 2014, up 24% over 42,291 2013
Crosstrek 70,956 in 2014, up 325 over 53,741 2013
Impreza 57, 996 in 2014, down 1% from 58,856 in 2013
WRX, STI 25,492 in 2014, up 42% over 17,969 2013
BRZ 7504 in 2014, down 13% from 8587 2013
Tribeca 732 in 2014, down 54% from 1,598 2013

1/2/15  last day for 2014's Share the Love
buy a car today, its the last day to pick from 5 charities for Subaru to donate $250 to. Choices are ASPCA, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Meals On Wheels and the National Park Foundation plus one local charity.

12/29/14 2014 sales total is expected to pass 500,000 as people continue to discover that Subaru is a great car.
Its not an overnight success though, Subaru has been on this growth path for the past 7 years, but even before that Subaru was putting out quality all wheel drive cars. It was just mostly a NW, NE, and greater Rocky Mountain area semi-secret ignored in drier and warmer climates
from a press release
Subaru of America, Inc. has reached a significant milestone in its history, by retailing 500,000 vehicles in a single calendar year. The milestone caps a remarkable seven year growth period for the brand in the U.S. in which the company has grown from 187,699 vehicle sales in 2008 to what will total over 500,000 sales in 2014, once the sales year closes on January 2
The growth in Subaru sales can be attributed to a combination of improved vehicle offerings, targeted and award-winning marketing and an improved retailer body. The current generation of Subaru vehicles grew in size compared to the previous generation in order to better suit the needs of the American buyer while also delivering improved interiors, technology and safety features such as the award-wining Eyesight system. Furthermore, the company's retail outlets have embraced process and amenity improvements as sales volume increased, while the total number of outlets has remained steady.
All of the company's current models have contributed to its sales success; the current Impreza (four and five-door) is enjoying its best-ever generation and the Outback and the Forester mid-size CUV now retail 300,000 units per year, combined. The new small CUV entrant, XV Crosstrek, has also added over 60,000 sales to the year-total, while the all-new Legacy sedan is enjoying its best sales ever; more than doubling its year-over-year monthly sales since the launch of the 2015 model. On the performance side, sales of the company's sporty models, the WRX and STI, are at their highest levels ever following the debut of the all-new 2015 models.
Thomas J. Doll, president and chief operating officer, Subaru of America, Inc. said; "We are delighted to have reached this historic milestone and our results show we are delivering vehicles that people want to buy. That we have grown so steeply and also so steadily over the last seven years is a testament to our products and to the commitment of our retailers who have had to manage this increase in capacity. There is a positive air around our business and we have no plans to stop our growth; we expect 2015 to also be another record year for Subaru."

12/14/14 2015 Impreza brochures available. 20pgs...
The 15 Impreza gets some good upgrades, including a quieter ride and a standard rear view camera with a screen big enough to be functional on all models. Eyesight safety system is now available on Limited and Sport Limited. And prices are still reasonable.
Impreza specs and details

12/5/14 $90,000,000 lottery winner plans to buy a Subaru Forester!
Lisa and Everett Quam of Washington State won $90m in a Powerball lottery. This is the first ever Powerball winner in Wa
After taxes, they will collect $56.8m lump sum or take monthly payments.
Both are long time Boeing employees and will leave their jobs.
Lisa Quam has picked out a new car, a Subaru Forester!
from the Seattle Times


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Did you know Subaru makes small engine and portable home generators?  Parent company Fuji also has Robin America with l engines for lawnmowers, jets skies, generators etc. They make Subaru generators including quiet inverter ones. Subaru generators

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American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
American Assoc of Snowboard Instructors
American Canoe Association
ASPCA. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Crested Butte, Colorado
Dining Out For Life
, dine out, fight Aids
The Geological Society of America
Greensgrow Philadelphia Project
International Mountain Bike Assoc- IMBA
Japan American Society of Greater Philadelphia
Leave No Trace Foundation
MSP Films- leader in action sport filmmaking- check out
Lib Tech snowboards, by Melvin Manufacturing
Merrill Down and Dirty Mud Run and Obstacle Series
Mount Washington Observatory

National Ski Patrol official vehicle of the NSP
Northwest Flower and Garden Show
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Pilots n Paws- pilots working with animal rescue shelters
Pet Philanthropy Circle- Pet Hero Award recognizes those who dedicate their lives to the welfare of animals

Professional Ski Instructors of America official vehicle of the PSIA
Rally America, Subaru does rallys
SCCA - Sports Car Club America
Street Safe Driving Academy driving school in Pa
Subaru FreeRide Series, skiing or riding down steep terrain
Subaru Winter Fest, lifestyle tour at some of the top mountains, with clinics and demos, giveaways...

Subaru-Nordica Service Team SNST events at many ski events
US National Whitewater Center- outdoor recreation, environmental education center, with biking, running trails, whitewater kayaking etc
United By Blue- a clothing company that removes 1 pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every item sold.
Vermont Sports Car
Water Blues, Green Solution- Subaru sponsors Penn State's community education project related to water

Yakima Road Warrior Tour
Yoga Journal Live - yoga for all levels, with classes, panels, seminars, marketplace

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